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King Gold Covering
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Kavacham : The term kavacham also means 'armour', and it is used to specifically describe a Deity's body covering. Generally, kavacham are made by pressing shapes in sheet metal, like brass, copper or silver, and sometimes even gold sheeting. Less precious ornaments may be gold or silver-plated (electro-plated) onto a base metal sheet. The kavacham are then ornamented, being shaped into beautifully detailed crowns and necklaces, etc., and studded with diamonds, pearls and other precious stones. King Gold manufactures all varieties of Kavachams which include Gold Plated, Silver Plated and Stone Work. Our Kavachams are used in major temples of Tamilnadu and Karnataka.
Stone work : Every big and small piece of adornment is made of gold and precious stones like rings, earrings, bangles, chains, crowns, anklets, etc. The craft of cutting and polishing precious & semi-precious stones give them glamorous face which is artistic. Emeralds, rubies, garnets, amethysts, corals, sapphires, and turquoises are stones which are used for the enhancement of gold and silver jewellery. Diamond has been considered the best gem. It is found in at least six colors and has connotations for six deities. According to common belief, green is attached with Vishnu (the Preserver), white with Varuna (god of Oceans), yellow with Indra (god of Heavens), brown with Agni (Fire god), blue with Yama (god of Death) and copper colored with the Maruts (Storm god). Besides the attachment of deities with each color of diamond, a spotless diamond is considered the abode of deities. A perfect diamond is considered to be the one that could float in water and has six elevated tips, eight equal sides and twelve sharp edges.
THIRUVACHI / PRABAVALI : It means "Luminous circle." The ornate arch, made of stone or metal that stands just behind and above Deity images in temples and shrines, known as prabhavali. It connotes the cycle of creation, preservation and destruction. At the top of the arch is the fierce face of Mahakala, the God of time, who transcends form and ultimately claims everything.
METAL IDOLS : Earth, Fire, Space, Water, Air are basic elements of Panchaloha idols sharing commonalities with any living being on earth. Panchaloha idols made of Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron and lead were distributed to various temples in the erstwhile Chera, Chola and Pandya kingdoms. Based on the Hindu text of Shilpa Sastra (Treatises of Art), each and every idol is crafted with due dedication and ample time.
KIREEDAM : kireedam is made up of four metals like gold, silver, copper & brass.It is completely a handicraft and adorned with designs and stone work.Some of the kireedam varieties we usually make are NEETAMUDI,VAIRAMUDI, ANDALMUDI, PANDIYAN KONDAI,THOPPAIKUNDU KIREEDAM,KUNDU KIREEDAM, ANDALKONDAI,PAAGAI KIREEDAM, THALAPA KIREEDAM & HALFCROWN ETC.,
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